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Data Science

In August 2020, the University System convened a group of faculty from across Georgia to support the development of a commonly numbered introductory course in data science. This course is intended to fulfill current Area D requirements for institutions that choose to adopt it as well as satisfy the anticipated data and digital fluency requirement for any redesigned General Education Curriculum.  More significantly, the data science course is intended to provide an introduction to essential data literacy to support students in their academic and life pursuits.  

DATA 1501 was developed using a model based on an approved course the College of Coastal Georgia. The course outline developed by the Data Science Working Group includes a list of topics that must comprise no less than 70 percent of the total content of the course, along with a list of supplemental topics that may be included as the balance of the course. The course is intended as a general introduction to the subject for students in a wide range of disciplines and to be offered without prerequisites beyond exemption or satisfaction of any Learning Support requirements for mathematics.  

For institutions participating in the Statistics Pathway Project, DATA 1501 is an aligned companion course with MATH/STAT 1401, with complementary topics, skills, and outcomes. Institutions not participating in the project should still find the course useful in diversifying their curriculum and supporting a range of essential skills for students entering a 21st Century workplace and world.

DATA 1501 Course Outline  DATA 1501 Resources