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Middle School Parents


Hopefully, your child already has an account with GACollege411:soon to be! If not, make sure they sign up today!!!  GACollege411 will help them Explore Careers, Plan for College, and Search for Financial Aid

Need to learn useful tools to help your child navigate their way to college? Be sure you are reviewing key tasks on the GACollege411 parent page.

There is a place for everyone to attend some type of college, your children included! Here are a few things you can do to help your child think ahead about college!

  • TeacherEDIT.jpgCreate the best environment for learning by promoting education at home.
  • Talk to your child about the benefits of a college education often:
    • Greater Knowledge
    • Greater Potential
    • Better Career Opportunities
    • More Money
    • A Better Quality of Life
    • Meeting new people 
    • Having new experiences
    • Making lifelong friends 
    • Career networking opportunities
  • Make studying and reading a priority over less important activities like television, radio, and video games. 
  • Let teachers and counselors know that you expect your child to go to college and ask them how the school is preparing your child for college. 
  • Set high expectations for your child to do his or her personal best in the classroom without comparing them to other students.  
  • Always review your child’s report card and give positive feedback and encouragement.
  • Ask the teacher to help you find tutors if your child continues to have difficulty with classwork.
  • Limit unnecessary absences and tardiness. This takes away from critical instruction time.
  • Know school policies on class participation, attendance, and behavior.
  • Encourage and facilitate good behavior in school. Constant student conduct issues affect your child’s ability to learn and comprehend and will also distract the learning environment for other students.
  • Encourage participation in community service and explain the importance of giving back to others.
  • Talk to your child’s counselor about extracurricular activities, college awareness and career exploration efforts both after school and the summer.
  • Always start your discussions by saying, “When you go to college….” and not “if.”

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Looking for college access programs and services in your hometown? Be sure to visit our Featured Organizations page to find mentoring programs, summer programs, etc. that support your child going to college.

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