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High School Parents


Daughter_with-MomEDIT.jpgHopefully, your child already has an account with GACollege411:soon to be! If not, make sure they sign up today!! GACollege411 will help them Explore Careers, Plan for College,and Search for Financial Aid
Need to learn useful tools to help your child navigate their way to college? Be sure you are working through your child’s GACollege411 checklist for high school students.

Here are a few things you can do to help your child think ahead about college!

  • Help them to discover career interests by encouraging them to do a career inventory questionnaire and discuss the results.
  • Make an appointment with their counselor each year to plan their high school schedule and ensure they are on track to graduate and be prepared for college (rigorous coursework, etc.).
  • Help them set and follow a college planning timeline by checking in with the counselor about key tasks (signing up for Dual Enrollment, AP, IB, Advanced classes, attending college fairs, meeting application deadlines, ordering transcripts, etc.)
  • Tour local colleges and out of state ones whenever possible.
  • Attend any parent meetings regarding preparation for college to learn about financial aid, test prep, school choice, etc., and encourage your child to do the same.
  • Make sure your child is preparing for the SAT/ACT/COMPASS/ASSET by studying online or taking a test prep class.
  • Prepare early (at least the beginning of Junior year) for your role in completing Financial Aid forms by getting tax documents in order, doing the FAFSA forecaster tool to determine how much federal aid your child is eligible for, encouraging your child to research and have them apply for as many private scholarships as possible!

Senior Parents: Please assist your child with completing FAFSA forms!!

The federal government requires a FAFSA from all students seeking financial aid, such as Pell Grants and federal student loans, to pay for college. College Goal Georgia hosts FREE events where volunteers help students and families who need assistance in completing their FAFSA, with a particular focus on helping low-income, first-generation families. Be sure to visit their College Goal Georgia site later this fall to find a FAFSA completion event near you! 

GSFC also conducts supplemental Financial Aid events across the state. Visit their site to find one in your area. 

Any questions about financial aid assistance? Visit GACollege411 or the Federal Student Aid website for more information. 

New Move On When Ready/Dual Enrollment Law

Did you know that students will now receive funding assistance for tuition, fees, books and transportation if interested in taking college classes while in high school? Learn more about the new law and students can benefit from this new resource!! Visit GaTRACS for more information on Dual Enrollment and how the course credits may transfer after your students graduate from high school.

You’ll definitely want to visit our Resources page for links to other great college access websites and tools!

Looking for college access programs and services in your hometown? Be sure to visit our Featured Organizations page to find mentoring programs, summer programs, etc. that support your child going to college.

Looking for events across the state that provide encouragement, resources and support to go to college? Be sure to visit our Events page to keep up with what’s going on!

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