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About CSG


Campus TowerEDIT.jpgThe College Success Georgia network mission is to increase college access, opportunity, completion and preparation for careers in the state, particularly among underrepresented students and adults. In addition to academic readiness, students need information, encouragement, and hands-on support in order to access, and be successful in college. These supports are especially important for those populations traditionally underrepresented in postsecondary education, such as first-generation students, low-income, minority, adults and students with disabilities. Partnerships among institutions, businesses, communities, and state agencies previously developed through the College Access Challenge Grant will continue to be leveraged to supply these needs through the College Success Georgia Network.

Vision and Values

  • College is postsecondary education: The term "college" refers to the attainment of valuable postsecondary credentials beyond high school, including professional/technical certificates and academic degrees.  The College Success Georgia network aims to establish and support this college-going culture in communities across the state.
  • College is a necessity: Postsecondary education is a prerequisite to success in a knowledge-based economy. 
  • College is for everyone: The postsecondary education attainment rates among underrepresented students are significantly lower than those of other students. We will not meet our Complete College Georgia goals unless we increase access and success for these students.
  • College is a public good: Postsecondary educational opportunity and attainment are critical to a just and equitable society, strong economy, and healthy communities. 


To empower schools, organizations and institutions with the tools necessary to help students and adults meet 21st Century workforce needs by increasing the percentage of high-quality degrees or credentials held by Georgians. This work will be accomplished with an emphasis on those underrepresented in postsecondary education, under the CCG completion and improvements plan for USG and TCSG.


By 2020, it is projected that over 60 percent of jobs in Georgia will require a certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree. Presently, approximately 42 percent of the state’s young adults, its burgeoning workforce, are prepared to such a level. To remain competitive, Georgia must not only maintain current graduation levels, but also produce an additional estimated 250,000 graduates in upcoming years. Under the direction of Governor Nathan Deal’s Complete College Georgia initiative, the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia address this need. 

It is critical for all education, community and business organizations work together to achieve this goal.  The College Success Georgia (CSG) network will provide an opportunity for the state’s community based organizations, K-12 schools, higher-ed institutions and college access and success providers to share information and work together promoting college and career success for Georgia students and families.

Network Membership

The network will be open at no charge for FY2016 to any Georgia community based organizations, K-12 schools, higher-ed institutions, and college access and success providers.  Don’t miss this opportunity to Join CSG

Network benefits include: 

•    Stadium_GraduationEDIT.jpgBecome part of an active community committed to increasing college access, completion rates and career opportunities. 
•    Through our dynamic search feature, be promoted as a Featured Organization on the CSG website and highlight the services you provide for Georgia students and families.
•    Connect with other service providers, education and community organizations
•    Receive a secured username and password to update contact information annually
•    Ability to post College and Career Success Blogs and upcoming Events
•    Connect to Social Media campaigns and networks communications
•    Stay up-to-date with news, events, and opportunities

Featured Organizations

Almost 200 organizations that provide direct assistance to K-12 students, college students and adult learners responded to our survey request for college access and success program information. Search for your county HERE to find mentoring programs, summer programs, etc. that support students going to and completing college.